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Homework counts. In Australia, your math homework could comprise 10 percent of your final grade. Typically, you’ll receive homework assignments each week. If you fail to turn them in on time, you’ll lose a portion of the marks. If you’re struggling with other assignments, such as a physics term paper, homework can get in the way and you’re left trying to juggle multiple projects at the same time. You don’t want to fail and you don’t want to rely on a peer who may or may not come through with you. You can find homework help from us instead.

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The Most Known Types of Homework

Every assignment given as an out-of-class requirement falls under the category of homework. Homework is assigned to all students at some point or sometimes even during their entire education. It serves as a strengthening method for mastering the materials learned, an extension of the work performed in the classroom.

Teachers assign homework assignments for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The practice of the materials learned in class
  • Preparation for the next or any future class
  • Preparation for exams
  • Developing skills for research and time organization
  • Subject exploration and individual work
  • Learning to use a variety of resources like libraries, online sources, reference materials, etc.
  • Encouraging responsibility and self-discipline
  • Bringing parents and children, as well as parents and educators together
  • Encourage students to learn outside the classroom, too

All this being said, homework is not a punishment as many believe. In fact, many researchers have proven a close link between strengthened academic performance and homework. And while there are still some mixed findings on this matter, teachers seem to enjoy this method of evaluating and keeping track of their students. It is easy, it is dependable and most importantly, it is educational.

Types of Homework

You'll get plenty of different assignments as types of homework during your education. You will get essays to write, research papers to work on, projects, presentations, and whatnot. But all of this homework and types that come with it fall under four key categories based on purpose: practice, preparation, extension, and integration.

1. Practice Homework

With the goal to reinforce the skills of students, especially the newly acquired ones, practice homework is the most common homework type you will get. This homework is aimed at specific skills. For example, if during class a student learned a specific formula or material, their practice homework will be based on practicing that same formula. It gives the student a responsibility to complete this on his own, all while helping him reinforce his current knowledge.

2. Preparation Homework

The second type of homework does not focus on already learned or taught the material. On the opposite, it focuses on new material that hasn't been presented in class. This is a less common homework assignment, but still a very present one. The preparation homework assignments help students in learning new materials faster and easier when the time comes to cover them in class. For example, they might be asked to do some research related to the material before it is discussed in class, or prepare the material to present it in front of their peers.

3. Extension Homework

Extension homework often comes in a larger size and takes more time than the other homework types. Suh homework usually takes the form of a continuing project that requires some parallel work on behalf of the student. This means that you are supposed to work on this homework type at the same time as going to classes and learning new materials. Such projects include case studies, science fair projects, presentations, etc.

Basically, the extension homework serves to allow students to use the skills they've attained in different situations and develop them further through practice.

4. Integration Homework

Integration homework is the type that demands from the student to use various skills to finish a specific task. Under this homework category, you can put science projects, book reports, and often creative writing assignments.

As you can see, there are many ways you can approach individual learning. Once you know the types of homework students get assigned on regular basis, the importance of homework becomes much clearer, doesn't it?

The Most Effective Homework
Motivation Strategies

Schedule your daily homework time

Use a public space or change your surrounding

Allow yourself a little time for fun in between homework tasks

Be patient and positive

Set the right and encouraging goals