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  • Aug 12th 2018
    A famous saying attributed to Paul Wellstone, the former US Senator is “Education and Democracy have the same goal; the fullest possible development of human capabilities”. That quote rings true on a fundamental level if you think about it. Education has proven so important to human development that it has often been included as the fourth basic need of a human being, after food, shelter, and clothing.
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  • Mar 7th 2018
    The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the world's most trusted English language tests. IELTS is designed to test the language ability of people who want to study, work and live in English-speaking countries. It's natural to feel nervous before taking the test, but you will have plenty of support to help you prepare for it.
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  • Feb 26th 2018
    Accusations of plagiarism can have far-reaching consequences. A student's academic future is put on the line. A writer's credibility is questioned. Plagiarism is regarded as a serious offense in the academic and writing world. Redemption after plagiarizing the work of others is a long and difficult process. A tarnished reputation is hard to erase.
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  • Aug 13th 2017
    Writing the outline for a research paper can be an understandably intimidating challenge. However, it is a regular part of the life of a student and so you should learn to do it in a professional manner that ensures you produce a top quality research paper. Every student has to spend a considerable amount of time to create a well prepared and thought out research paper.
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  • Nov 3rd 2016
    The wonders of modern technology made it possible that about anyone in the world with a stable internet connection can pursue online studies on anything they find interesting. Before, if you were a student, your choice was limited by the number of available places in every college and its proximity.
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  • Oct 19th 2016
    Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays across the globe, and Australia is no exception. However, Halloween is not a tradional holiday in Australia, because some Australians view the holiday as yet another imported US gimmick, which focuses heavily on the commercial aspect of things.
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  • Oct 6th 2016
    A critical essay, just like its name implies, is an essay which involves a critical review of one's work. Critical essays are usually written about art-related works, such as books, novels, theatre plays, paintings, films, and so on.
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  • Aug 19th 2016
    Are you ready for one of the greatest changes in your life? Well, it doesn't matter whether you're ready or not, because the time will come when you finally graduate from high school and you get in the middle of a crossroad: "now what"?
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  • Aug 24th 2014
    The Australian education system is rather good, and it scores very well in education league tables across the developed world.
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  • Aug 3rd 2014
    It has been revealed that a high number of high school seniors are abandoning the traditional subjects of mathematics and science, as they are becoming less of a requirement for many courses of further education at university.
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  • Jul 1st 2014
    If students have had thoughts like this when faced with writing essays, they are not alone. Many students may be good at writing but not good at organizing their material, or may be unimpressive writers and simply want to get better.
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  • Jun 23rd 2014
    The education system in Australia will soon see a new education model that is supposed to help improve the quality of education in the country.
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