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The Main Purposes for Assigning Homework

We are now living in a time where the benefits of homework are highly debated. The merits of homework are undeniable and yet, some believe that it should be banned from the school curriculum. According to the proponents of it, homework instills a dislike of the entire idea of education, takes the limited time away from students, and gives more benefits to the privileged students who in fact can afford additional tuition.

Even so, having to write homework remains a highly important, much-valued assignment in every educational institution in the world. Homework gives students a responsibility to learn on their own, as well as polishes their organizational skills that they will need throughout their entire lives.

The truth is out there - homework is a tool for preparation, organization, discipline, and knowledge. If you are looking at homework as another burden you are carrying around without any benefit or purpose, you should definitely hear about the main purposes and reasons why professors assign it so often.

1. It Improves Your Grades

It's as simple as that - if you want better grades, homework is your chance to improve them. Whatever you failed to do or want to improve, homework gives you another shot, a second chance at making it happen.

2. It Lets You Explore

By exploring, you are benefiting a lot. Firstly, you are building on your knowledge. Secondly, you are boosting your research skills which are essential for successful studies. And finally, going into great depth with a topic that's been introduced to you at school and doing so on your own can be really interesting and challenging at the same time.

3. It Helps Your Professor Track Your Progress

Homework is one of the most efficient, precise and simple ways to grade a student. If used correctly, it can give your professors an insight into how well you've mastered the material, as well as how much effort you are putting into your studies.

4. It Includes Parents in the Process

Parents often help their children with homework, especially when they are very young. It might not be their responsibility to check the homework, but it is definitely their task to help them facilitate their learning habits. Ergo, homework promotes parent-children bonding.

5. It Helps Students Grasp the Materials Faster

The biggest purpose of homework is this one - to help a student master the materials by practicing them on their own. By doing your homework in all subjects, you'll be putting the knowledge you gained during class into practice, which helps you grasp that material. Eventually, your homework will have helped you when the time comes to study for the exams.

6. It Teaches Responsibility

Learning personal responsibility is the key to becoming an independent and successful person. Having homework to finish within a deadline and fit in a busy schedule certainly leads you toward that direction. One of the greatest benefits of having something to do on regular basis, even when the time is tough, is that it teaches you personal responsibility and organization.

7. It Equips You for Lifelong Learning

If you don't want to be left behind, you need things like homework to teach you to learn on your own. Homework gives students a chance to continue their education after classes end, which essentially equips them for lifelong learning.

Despite the many different views of the importance of homework, we can all agree that homework is here to stay. These are just the top reasons why it is present in your everyday life. So, if you felt like it is an unnecessary burden, you certainly need to reconsider your opinions about homework.

How to Write a Great Assignment Introduction


Begin with general information: background or definitions

Proceed to the core: purpose, point of view, hypotheses, research questions

To finish, mention the scope and structure of your paper. It can be done as a list

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