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When Marketing Emails Go Missing

Sep 3rd 2014

Many people think that marketing emails are dead, but they are not. There are people that click to agree for marketing when they sign up for things. These are the people that are legitimately receiving marketing emails. There are also spam messages, and these are the things that spam filters try (and fail) to stop.

What are spammed emails all about?

There are marketing emails and messages for a massive range of services, from insurance to people saying, “Do my assignment.” The most commonly spammed messages are those where people offer miracle cures for losing weight, sexual performance or anti-aging. It is also common to see spammed messages that pretend to be another company whilst they are actually phishing for information. Commonly, you see messages from banks and known companies that are actually fake and looking for your information.

Graymail is even becoming a problem, as people start receiving emails that are not specifically spam, but are also not what the user subscribed to. This happens more and more as people sign up for accounts with companies, get an email, click to unsubscribe and still get the messages through.

How many emails reach their destination?

Only 45% of marketing emails actually reach their destination, and only 53% of publications reach their destination. In 2013, 492 million marketing emails were sent (with consumer permission) to consumers around the world, and half of them were read on mobile phones. Most of the messages not even arriving means that retailers are taking their eyes of the ball.

Still, if an email message doesn’t arrive, then is it such a bad thing? Usually it is because systems for sending emails are not cheap, especially when it works via a monthly fee. Plus, if marketers are paying for email addresses, then they are being taken for a ride if the email addresses are never read.

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