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TOP 8 Best Student Discounts in Australia

Nov 8th 2018

College years are supposed to be the most entertaining time of your life. However, no matter how fun they are, you can never rest easy because of financial difficulties.

It's hard to both relax and focus on studying when you have to watch how much you spend. Precisely because of this reason, you should invest some extra effort to find discounts.

Even the less spectacular discounts can add up to a lot of money saved. With extra dollars saved, you can invest it where you really need it.

So, what are the best discounts? We've asked corporate managers, students, and marketers and assembled a list. With these 8 best student discounts in Australia, you can make your college years much more enjoyable.

ASOS – 10% off for students

ASOS is one of the most famous apparels and accessory retailers in the world. From their site, you can get almost anything from activewear to headphones at a very good price.

Coincidentally, they offer a lot of benefits for students, amongst which is their 10% discount. By registering with your basic info and student mail, you get a discount code that is valid until you graduate.

Looking good is important for students anywhere and getting clothes at a lower price is an added benefit. Another good idea is to combine this discount with holiday discounts to get even more out of your purchase.

Gifts will also be easier to come by, as your discount is valid at all times, up to the moment until you graduate.

Razer Education Purchase Program – 15% off selected peripherals and 5% selected systems

Having a good PC is an underrated benefit. Most college students that are financially struggling prefer PCs because they are much cheaper, albeit not mobile. However, you can also plan on buying some premium Razer hardware due to their Education Purchase Programs.

For gamers, this discount is especially interesting since Razer is the unrivaled leader in producing premium hardware. Custom made mice and keyboards at 15% are a great deal.

Even casual users love Razor because of their stability and premium quality. To sign up for this discount, you just need your name a student email address. With each signup, you will receive a discount code via email.

Although spending money on a good computer is hard when you're a student, having reliable tech is an investment that will pay off in time and efficiency.

The Coffee Club – 20% off anytime

Older people may tell you that the wisest way to save money is to stop spending so much time outside. While this is true and they may have a point, there is no way you can avoid the occasional coffee or a meal out. Some kind of excitement and a different atmosphere when you go out for a drink or meal is always tempting.

With your WOW card, you can easily get 20% for every purchase, without any limits whatsoever.

By using this discount, you can spend time with your friends or even study without worrying about your budget. After some time, add up the times you saved on coffee and food. The result will leave you surprised. Saving money and eating out at the same time is possible, you just have to be strategic about it.

30% Off In-store at Domino's Pizza Sippy Downs

For those of you studying in Brisbane, you probably spend most of your time out of college somewhere around Sunshine Beach. If you're looking for a cheap, but delicious eating options, you may be surprised to find Domino's is the answer.

Domino's is currently offering 30% off of all in-store pickups. Since their store is in Sippy Downs, you can easily drop by and eat something delicious for a small amount of money.

The only thing that stops us from eating out is the price, but this offer from Domino's opens up a new world of opportunities. With this discount, parties, hangouts and study sessions will no longer be a festivity without pizza.

Just get your WOW card. Free and worthwhile, this card allows you to reap all the benefits of being a student in Australia. Several other Domino's places offer the same discount, throughout the country.

Basically everything with a Health Care Card (for students in Victoria)

The state of Victoria is known to be the best state in the country when it comes to providing benefits for their students. This discount is different from the others on this list because it comes with the official Low-Income Health Care Card.

If you don't work on a regular basis and are below the income threshold, you can apply for this card to receive various benefits. For students working even part-time jobs, this is an excellent chance.

Airfare tickets, ambulance rides, eye care, dental treatment – all these things that are usually expensive are free or received for small amounts of money with your Health Care Card. Saving money starts with the basics and there nothing more basic than healthcare!

Microsoft Student Program – various benefits

Microsoft has always been a company that has been willing to invest in the future. Therefore, they are always willing to provide discounts to students. In this case, we would like to point out their 5% and 10% discounts on the Surface laptop/tablet models.

Not only are they cheap even without the discount, but you get additional perks and additions if you register as a student on their site. Even university professors have discounts!

If you already have a viable laptop, you can get Microsoft Office University for up to 30% less for a four-year subscription. And the best part is that Microsoft doesn't disregard existing discounts when you use your student discount.

Booktopia – 10% off sitewide

College is the time when you should be reading the most. In recent years, many sites and stores have increased their prices, making it hard to read significant and quality works.

For students in Australia, Booktopia is offering 10% off on their entire catalog, without exception. Considering that Black Friday is growing closer, you can combine the discount with even more holiday price drops.

The only thing you need to do is register and browse their wide choice of different genres, languages, and fields. For college books, Booktopia is also offering special bundles for students, especially for the holiday season. – 10% off for all online booking

When your exams are done, and there is a lot of time to spare, you should always treat yourself with a relaxing trip.

For college students, relaxation is especially important, but money is often in the way of good enjoyment. Thankfully, is offering all students a 10% discount for all bookings they make over their site.

Combine this with the fact that holiday prices are very low, you can have yourself a great tropical adventure for a small amount of money. Start planning now and look forward to the Australian summer.

To conclude

Living as a student may be hard sometimes, but using discounts and being on the lookout for benefits can save you a lot of money and nerves. By simply doing your research, you can save a lot and make your other ideas into reality.

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