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Top 5 Student Jobs in Australia

Nov 22nd 2016

Although Aussie universities are a bit cheaper than the schools in the USA, the costs of living are higher. If we say “a bit cheaper than schools in USA” – that translates to very, very expensive. When you add tuition fees and living expenses together, Australia is the most expensive choice for international students.

However, there's a good side to the story: when you study in Australia, you get tons of part-time job opportunities. Working while studying is great. You'll still find time for all that studying – otherwise an assignment writing service can help you out. Are you wondering what job you can opt for? We have a list of 5 jobs that are great for students in Australia.

1. Retail

Large department stores, chain stores, small stores, and all other kinds of stores that sell goods to customers are ready to give part-time jobs to students. What makes this a great choice for a part-time job? First of all, you'll work with people and you'll be improving your communication skills, whether you like it or not. Through this experience, you'll meet all types of characters and you'll learn how to handle them.

Plus, these stores give different benefits to their workers. You'll get discounts for great brands, so you'll spend less money on clothes. Some of the stores give generous incentives to their best sales assistants, so you'll be motivated to show yourself as an exemplary worker.

2. Hospitality

Australia is known for its state-of-the-art restaurants, hotels, and bars. If you don't want to be close to the high class, you can opt for takeaway food stores. Let's see: why is a job in hospitality great for a student? Free food! Do you know how much money you'll save if you work at a restaurant?

If you work in a bar, your friends will love you for it. “I reserve them nice spots, and I'm the coolest person in the classroom. Plus, I meet new faces every night, so my life never gets boring,” – says Pete, a student at The University of Sydney.

3. Tutoring

You're great at math? Chemistry, maybe? Whatever your talents are, you can definitely translate them into tutoring. There are students who need some help from classmates who understand the matter better. You will help them earn good grades, and you'll earn money in return.

The best thing about tutoring is that you're learning while doing it. When you're helping someone cover the material for the exams, you're doing the same thing. So, it will take much less effort for you to study for the exam.

4. Fitness coach

Aussies are crazy about fitness, yoga, pilates, body combat, and all other types of activities. Physical exercise has become part of this country's lifestyle. If you're great in any of these things, then don't waste your time and get certified.

You can start working for a fitness studio, or you can start giving classes on campus. Whatever the case is, you'll enjoy doing this job and you'll earn enough money from it.

“I was posting some pics on Instagram and people started asking if I was giving classes. Well, of course I started doing that! Now my love for yoga helps me support myself financially throughout university,” – says Michelle, a student at The University of Adelaide.

5. Dog walker

Do you love dogs? You'll need only an hour per day to do this job. Most dog owners are looking for people who can walk their dogs two times per day: 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. They pay around $30 per day. If you take two dogs, you'll have $60 per day. That should be enough to cover your living expenses, right?

“This job is not easy. You have to be reliable, and the owners have to trust you. If you love dogs, however, it's perfect,” – says Joanna, who studies at The University of Sydney and walks dogs in the meantime.

Did this list give you an idea? Start going through job listings for your area, and you'll definitely find something that works for you.

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