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Halloween in Australia

Oct 19th 2016

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays across the globe, and Australia is no exception. However, Halloween is not a tradional holiday in Australia, because some Australians view the holiday as yet another imported US gimmick, which focuses heavily on the commercial aspect of things. Despite that, Halloween has been steadily rising in terms of popularity, and according to research, the majority of children will be going trick-or-treating this year, dressed in scary costumes. The department stores in Australia have begun to offer a wide variety of Halloween decorations, costumes, books, and other Halloween-themed items.

Although not a nationwide holiday, Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in large cities. This goes double for Sydney, which gathers thousands of Halloween goers for its annual Zombie Walk. People dressed in up scary costumes gather together to have fun, but also to raise money for a good cause, namely Brain Foundation. And while you will come across your usual variety of people dressed up as zombies, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and mummies, Aussie have also shown their trademark humor when it comes to their Halloween costumes. Nowhere else in the worlds would you find anyone dressed as a zombie kangaroo, or a person dressed as a tree, with another person attached to it, dressed like a koala.

But, apart from showing off their unique sense of humor and their creativity, Australians celebrate Halloween just like everyone else, with tons of laughters and plenty of candy. They attend Halloween-themed parties at venues which are specially decorated for the occasion, or in houses which are supposedly haunted. Plenty of events are organized for charity, as the aforementioned Zombie Walk in Sydney, as well as various ghost and ghoul hunts and tours. But, it is the children that are the happiest, as they can't wait to dress up in costumes and go out trick-or-treating. It brings the whole family together, as well, because everyone is involved in carving out jack-o-lanterns, decorating houses with fake spider webs, and witches.

Halloween also helps to boost the economy, because Australians buy more and more decorations, books, costumes, games, and other Halloween-themed materials every year. Department stores, online shopping sites, and clubs all make a profit from it. Australians can also look forward to horror movie marathons on TV and special movie screening at their local cinemas. But, apart from being fun for the whole family, Halloween is also bringing entire neighborhoods together. Due to hectic nature of today's world, most Aussies don't know their neighbors all that well, and Halloween is an opportunity to change that, even if it's for just one night.

Perhaps that's the biggest difference between Australia and all the other countries which celebrate Halloween. The holiday there hasn't become overly commercial, even though it is becoming more and more popular. Instead, Australians have shifted the focus to where it should be: on family and bringing entire communities closer together. Also, it is tons of fun, and seeing as Australians are famous for its sense of humor, they aren't likely to pass on a chance to have a good laugh.

So, even though Halloween isn't as popular in Australia as it is in the US, for example, Aussies are slowly, but surely warming up to it, and they're using the opportunities to raise money for good causes, which should definitely become a practice elsewhere. Perhaps other countries could learn more about Halloween from Australia than the other way around, even though it's not a traditional Australian holiday. The focus should be on laughter, fun, and family, and that's what Australia got better than the others.

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