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Australia must stop taking Inspiration from Abroad and focus on its Domestic Educational Needs

Aug 15th 2014

Australia has been warned by one of the world’s leading and most influential educators that the country needs to end its obsession with international education rankings and league tables and become more confident in its own vision and values for the future of its education system. Acclaimed and revered British teacher Richard Gerver has labelled it a tragedy that Australia has been sucked in to the cycle of paranoia that stems from putting too much thought in to glorified education ranking tables, claiming that it has led to unnecessary reactive policies that are proving to actively damage domestic education systems. The general attitude is that Australia looks to have lost its confidence in the system that is had, which many people believed was in fact a bright vision for the future of the country’s education. In fear of not meeting international norms and standards, though, officials seem to have adopted a ‘write my essay for me’ mentality in terms of looking to replicate the educational system of a number of foreign institutions rather than possessing the ingenuity to back their own ideas.

This lack of confidence and unique vision regarding the direction of Australia’s education future has been seen as a tragedy in certain circles, with many lamenting the desire to try to emulate systems abroad and instead willing the appropriate parties to move away from the old obsession with reforming the current system and rather focusing on what is best for Australian students at Australian institutions. The determination to follow in other’s footsteps has lead to a worry that Australia are creating generations and generations of young adults that are too traditionally prepared for a world of employment that simply does not exist anymore. They urge the government to move with the times and act in ways best fitting for domestic benefit. 

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