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The Importance of Teachers and Leaders

Feb 21st 2014

One of the main reasons online essay writing services are so popular is because of poor teaching. Good teachers will get better results, with poor teachers giving you bad results.

A study from Queensland indicated that having a great teacher can equate to having an extra year of academic learning. The Texas Teacher Quality Study showed that the best teachers were able to provide the equivalent of a year and a half of learning in a year. Poor teachers were only able to deliver six months of advancement in a year.

And it's not so much a case of experience. The same study demonstrated that experience only matters for the first three years.

In Australia, a lack of research into the impact of good teaching has hindered recruitment policies. This changed in 2010 when a statistician from Australian National University completed a study on the subject.

He measured the test scores of 90,000 Queensland students 2001 to 2004. The results of The Texas Teacher Quality Study were almost completely replicated. A teacher who's in the top 10% of teachers in the country will provide up to six months' worth of additional tuition in a year.

Although these studies focused on primary school, the results have been replicated in high school. A larger study conducted in Chicago demonstrated that good teachers eliminate any socioeconomic disadvantage. A bad teacher will never be able to get their classes to achieve highly no matter how much you pay.

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